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Tu winny znaleźć się odnośniki do różnych ciekawych stron jakie udało na m się znaleźć w sieci. Stanowić to będzie swego rodzaju bazę danych dla nowych osób, gdzie szukać różnych informacji, rzemieślników itp..

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Postprzez Trawis » 07 Cze 2013, 13:29

Cała seria BBC o życiu w średniowieczu
,,Geniusz, to czasem tylko instynkt, który nie podlega doskonaleniu. Częściej jest to sztuka trafnego kojarzenia, codziennie doskonalona, dzięki obserwacji i doświadczeniu" - Napoleon
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Postprzez Cziken » 14 Sty 2014, 23:39 ... 043&type=1
Ciekawy wywód na temat treningu z otulinkami.
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Postprzez Gandalf » 15 Sty 2014, 22:40

Skopiuję tutaj:

Discussions concerning the use of soft arms and sports protective equipment in HMB can probably be traced to the moment when our sport appeared. There are people who support the use of sports equipment and there’re those who are against it, so we have to consider all the advantages and disadvantages of such outfit.

Under the sports equipment we mean chanbaras (sporting swords), soft shields, soft sports armor (by analogy with protective outfit for contact martial arts) for sparrings of the HMB format instead of sparrings with the use of steel weapons and real armor.

What are the main benefits of using sports equipment?

Cheapness and availability

A kit of sports equipment costs less (and very considerably) than a kit of combat armor, which makes such protection very affordable. It won’t be difficult for a novice to get a kit, thus he’ll be able to start a full-fledged training. Do not forget that usually it takes a novice about a year to get a reasonable combat kit. By the way, most of the protective items needed to participate in sporting-sword fights can be bought in a common sports shop.


Some people are against training sparrings on steel weapons and in combat armor, they say frequent use of armor is bad for fighters’ health. Their main argument is that regular sparrings in heavy armor can injure your spine and joints. Of course, such a bad effect can be avoided if you have a very light armor, for example, made of titanium or hardened thin steel, but such armor is expensive and it’s not reasonable to use it while training. If your kit fits you well and you feel comfortable wearing it, then keep your armor for serious competitions, because it’s not always possible to order and get the kit that fits you perfectly. Such armor should be spared. And if you have sparrings twice a week and use your combat armor, then your kit will hardly last for a year. So, it’s better for your health and wallet to use a sports kit, which is cheaper and harder to get spoiled.

Besides, your body may need more time to recover after fighting in heavy armor, which is not the case when you use a sports kit.

Techniques and reflexes

Due to the high cost of good armor and unavailability of sports kits, fighters often use old armor for sparrings, which is quite worn out, heavy and badly-fitted. All these factors have a direct influence on usability, which, in turn, affects your movements. You can not improve your fighting techniques wearing uncomfortable armor. Uncomfortable kit affects the dynamics and trajectory of your movements. It hinders your progress, and an attempt to save money will do you a very bad favor. Moreover, using a sports kit, you learn to fight at high speed, you develop your reaction and reflexes. Heavy armor makes it harder to work on these points.
The main disadvantage concerning a sports kit is that a fighter does not get used to the weight of combat armor and weapons. However, quality training aimed at physical strength and endurance developing, tyre striking with the use of real swords or halberds and periodical sparrings with the use of combat armor may perfectly compensate it.

Alternate your work in sports equipment with periodical sparring in combat armor (for example, once in 2-3 weeks) and you’ll achieve great results in training, follow a busy training schedule, recover your strengths, keep your bones and joints in good condition and spare your combat armor for competitions, for which it is actually designed.

Take care of your health and you’ll be able to achieve good results in HMB and continue your career as long as you wish.
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Postprzez Cziken » 21 Sty 2014, 14:26

Z tego samego źródła, o 'manekinach' z opon : ... 043&type=1
I dla ludziów bez facebooka:

The main HMB equipment for striking is called a tyre dummy, it’s made of bound used tyres and plays a role of a punching bag. Its shapes may be different, it may be hanging or static. Tire dummy allows fighters to practise with their weapons, to learn how to strike. Among its advantages are solidity and durability (it is almost everlasting), cheapness and weather resistance (it can be left in the open and no weather conditions can harm it).

Basic types are hanging and static tyre dummy. The hanging one can be tied up with a chain or fixed by bolts. The static one usually has bolts in its construction. The hanging type is an analogue of a punching bag, the static type is an analogue of a pole covered with softener and used for kicks practising (they are used in some gyms).

Tyre dummy can be made easily. First of all you need to decide what type you want to have (hanging or static). You have to find a place where to hang the hanging tyre dummy (like a large punching bag). To be able to use the static one you have to find a column on which you'll put it or lean against. Then you need to calculate how many tyres you need, go to the nearest tyre shop and get the used tyres for free.

So, how to construct the hanging tyre dummy, tightened by chain?

Take a chain of the appropriate length (three meters is usually enough) and place tyres in the following way.

From the bottom upwards:

- small tyre – horizontally

- one or two - vertically (if tyres are narrow take two, if wide - take one)

- small tire – horizontally

- one or two tyres – vertically

- small tyre – horizontally

It’s not necessary to drill holes in them, simply tie up the vertical ones in places where they are protected by horizontal ones, with a chain or rope. Thus, a chain (rope) will be protected from strokes, construction process is quick and requires no special tools.

Then hang your tyre dummy on a hook like the one used for a punching bag and your gymnastic prime HMB equipment is ready! Now you can attack it with a sword and shield. Note that if you're going to hit the hanging tyre dummy with a halberd, you should be absolutely confident in the ceiling and a hook solidity.

A method of assembling the static tyre dummy.

It’s a little bit more complicated task, you will need a drill, bolts with bolt nuts and washers. Use bolts of 10 mm thick, drill – 11-12 mm thick.

Visit a tyre shop and take used tyres, it’s better to take those which are small and of the same size, since it’ll be much easier then to practise using the static tyre dummy.

Take as many tyres as it is needed to make a tower of them of the same hight as yours.

Drill 4-6 holes at the top and bottom of each tyre and fasten them together with bolts. The gymnastic apparatus will be very heavy. Lean it against a wall, tree or pole (it’s important to fix it the top and bottom), or put it on a post. Use tyre dummy of this kind to practice with two-handed weapons and train for hand-to-hand fighting.

Another hybrid type of tyre dummy is made of tyres fastened together with bolts and hanging like a punching bag. The top tyre should have four chain holders (rings), attached to tyre dummy like to a punching bag.

There’s a difference between hanging and static tyre dummy. The static one is harder and better suits for two-handed weapons, while the hanging tyre dummy can be very unstable when hit and it better suits for one-handed weapons and hits delivered while moving. Although, in principle, both types are suitable for training with the use of two-handed and one-handed weapons.

Where to place a tyre dummy?

The best place is your HMB gym, but only in case if you have it. Otherwise, use your house. Install it in the yard or in the garage (if the ceiling is high enough). If this option is not for you, try to rent a place in a local boxing gym. In fact, boxers and karatekas sometimes also practise on tyres so they’ll be glad to have such equipment in their gym, especially if personally you will take care of it. In such a case you have a much better chance to use tyre dummy fastened with bolts, because it suits well to practise punches and kicks, and it looks appropriate in a gym. The static tyre dummy can be leaned against a horizontal bar on any sports ground. However, you will attract too much attention practising with weapons. Work on hand-to-hand combat techniques and you’ll avoid the problem, even more – people will join you soon.

By and large, a tyre dummy can be hanged on any tree or leaned against a wall. But note that the wall will absorb the power of your hits, so be sure not to disturb people.

You can hit a tyre dummy with whatever you want. If you want to hit it with your hands or feet, use gloves and leg protection. And do not forget that sometimes weapons can bounce off, so follow the safety precautions.

Your main HMB equipment is ready now. It will help you to develop strength, speed and techniques, and is a mandatory item for any gym related to HMB.

Train and you’ll achieve anything you can imagine!
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Postprzez Michał7 » 15 Cze 2016, 22:14 ... 434408684/

Postęp prac budowy XIII wiecznego zamku metodami średniowiecznymi. Pewnie niektórzy z Was słyszeli o tym projekcie, nieźle im idzie ;)
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Postprzez FAZIK » 25 Cze 2017, 09:21

Dostaliśmy na maila link do sklepu ze skórami. Wygląda na to że mają dobre ceny. Skóry naturalne garbowane roślinnie.
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Postprzez Pegaz » 03 Wrz 2017, 21:11

To ja może zarzucę linkiem do kanału gościa, zajmującego się bronią białą (różną, panie, różnistą), którego zdarza mi się oglądać:
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