2011 Jarmark Stargard Szczecinski 28


2011 Jarmark Stargard Szczecinski 28
24 Cze 2011, 17:24

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Komentarz przez Jacinta » 21 Sty 2013, 12:06

My dad is a huge Louis L'Amour fan and a bookshelf deeaditcd to only his books. I've never actually read any of L'Amour's books, sad to say. I'm not sure why, really. I really enjoy Preston and Child's series. I have only read three books so far, and each one of them was good. I don't recommend the movie, The Relic though. I've got my eye on The Maze. It sounds so good. Thanks for sharing some of your dad's favorites with us today, Carrie!.-= Literary Felineb4s last blog .. =-.

Komentarz przez Javed » 06 Paź 2013, 06:15

We have been following your epic jonruey with great interest it is incredible what you have seen and done. The blogs are really well written we feel like we are there! My own eyes have teared up more than once (this is Linda) just goes to show how real you are making it for all of us at home. Well done.Linda & Ron

Komentarz przez Meerim » 09 Paź 2013, 00:51

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