Warsztaty łucznicze 46


Warsztaty łucznicze 46
04 Gru 2011, 21:26

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Komentarz przez Edwin » 06 Paź 2013, 05:51

Would be awesome to see the maoildruzation of the AvCore as something to study from while I write my Avaku project. I don't think that you should implement the code at all while modularizing it. Instead, why not just write interfaces to the code and write a description of the purpose for each method so that others can implement it themselves in any language? Just my thoughts on the matter. Good luck with your AvCore.

Komentarz przez Benithaa » 07 Paź 2013, 13:45

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Komentarz przez Fanes » 07 Paź 2013, 20:48

Hi Sandhya,There are a few solutions in the cotmenms sections too. You can try them. Also check if there are proper permission for Magento to create resized images if you are defining custom size for the images in the frontend template file. http://gpkspwwch.com dvrsqzdk [link=http://eahglyvknf.com]eahglyvknf[/link]

Komentarz przez Ladainian » 05 Gru 2013, 20:25


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